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With the purchase of an iconic building in Northern Kentucky as the future location for an innovation and entreprenuership hub, a brand and creative vision was needed. When Blue North tapped Cov Creates, a collaborative non-profit that brings together the most creative minds in the area, we let our passion for Covington and the entrepreneurial spirit loose on the task at hand.

AGNT worked closely with other Cov Creates partners on naming this new endeavor and bringing the brand to life. SparkHaus, more than just a physical space, is where the brightest minds will converge to forge new businesses, shape groundbreaking products, and kindle transformative ideas. Our was not merely about crafting a brand; it was about igniting a vision.

Welcome to SparkHaus – where history meets innovation, where every corner tells a story, and where the future of entrepreneurship is not just envisioned but actively created.

project goals

Brand identity

Working with several small teams, AGNT lead the way with a design that captured the building’s history and it’s future.

Interior Concepts

Applying the SparkHaus brand beyond digital assets and onto interior walls and furniture will be part of the next phase.

Exterior Signage

Keeping the historic Sim’s Furniture sign outside the building while updating with the new brand is an ongoing project as well.

Community Spaces

Cov Creates is working directly with Blue North on deciding what types of resources will be available to the community.

what we delivered

Looking back to see the future

The building, a venerable monument in Covington’s architectural landscape, stands on the grounds of the original Covington Industrial Club and once echoed with the bustling energy of the Montgomery Ward, a testament to industry and commerce.

Our branding efforts pay homage to this storied past. Weaving the narrative of the building’s history into our vision, we’ve drawn inspiration from the architectural details, including the Spirit of Progress. This emblematic feature, a symbol of forward movement and innovation, perfectly encapsulates the essence of SparkHaus.

A Fitting Name

Great minds from AGNT, Madison Design, and Durham came together in an effort to find a fitting name for this innovative hub in Covington.

We chose “Spark” as it symbolizes the birth of concepts, the start of entrepreneurial journeys, and the initial leap towards innovation. With “Haus” we recognize the Germanic roots of the local community and call this a gathering place, a community, a coming together of minds under one roof.

SparkHaus is more than a name; it’s a statement. A declaration of the vibrant, fiery energy that this space embodies thanks to the people that call it home.

Bringing a Brand to Life

Starting with sketches and scribbled notes, our teams thought through simple iconography, explored German design history, and immersed ourselves in the plethora of architectural elements of the building. The simple and unique window element resonated with the message and was core to our evolving design system.

We didn’t just build a brand, we created something that speaks to the heart of what this community is and what it aspires to be. SparkHaus is where ideas are nurtured, where creativity is unleashed, and where the future of entrepreneurship and innovation is not just dreamt but made a reality.

Telling a Story

Beyond the logo and typography, we expanded our work into a robust design system, serving as a blueprint for all future creative outputs. Each design element was carefully selected to reflect the dynamic, vibrant, and forward-thinking spirit of SparkHaus.

It’s a brand that doesn’t just identify a location but tells a story – a story of possibilities, beginnings, and the endless potential of the human spirit to create and innovate.

More to Come…

As Northern Kentucky forges ahead with the evolution of SparkHaus, AGNT and the rest of Cov Creates will work closely with Blue North and other local groups in an effort to transform this iconic building into a landmark of innovation and entrepreneurship in Covington through exterior signage, interior design, and marketing efforts.

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