case study



When AGNT first crossed paths with the talented team at HelloFrom, we immediately knew their innovative product had potential and wanted to help them unlock it.

HelloFrom addresses a void in the very core of our existence and provides a unique way to bolster our connections in a tangible (rather than digital) way.

Their struggle was the pursuit of new users and discovering how to resonate with their target audience. That’s where the AGNT team began to pen a new chapter through design, content, and engagement.

whatcha need?

Product Design

Functional, accessible products that spark joy, that’s what AGNT brings to the table.

content strategy

Interacting with the product, the website, or a human; AGNT was hired to make sure the message you see is consistent.

Analytics Audit

Strategy and design start with understanding the target audience, then optimizing to their goals.

Marketing Strategy

Through search, the web, social media, email, and print; AGNT creates cross-marketing campaigns that work.

what we did.

Product Audit

AGNT provided a complimentary 2-hour working session to hear HelloFrom’s background, product history, where they were currently, and where they wanted to be short-term (and long-term).

Using this as a starting point allowed our team to create an outline of recommendations to create the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

Optimization & Analytics

In order to truly understand what their customers were doing, the HelloFrom team needed help cleaning up their search console and honing in on the data they were already receiving.

AGNT completed this process quickly and then set off to create complete Audience and Acquisition reports as well as setting customer goals through the admin console.

Content that Converts

Making connections starts with writing.

Through marketing content, account dashboard refinement, and email template redesigns, the AGNT team brought new life into the HelloFrom brand and helped capture 168% more customers in less than a month.

For current customers, we increased engagement by making their experience even more enjoyable by providing all their most used tools in one place.

Streamlining the Product

Creating connections starts with people, and that’s where we focused our design efforts on HelloFrom.

What do people want from a web application? A consistent user interface. AGNT started with an asset inventory and turned that into a beautiful, useable style guide that provided the building blocks for all other design work.

Next we simplified the most used features, from event reminders to adding contacts, then worked to ensure that the entire experience of HelloFrom was seamless, from the dashboard to customer emails.

Social Engagement

AGNT’s ability to help companies engage with new customers is never a reach. With keyword research, improved messaging, and engaging design, we helped HelloFrom gain 93 new accounts in less than a month.

How’d IT go?

168% Increase in New Users


124,606 Impressions


Exits down 24%


93 New Accounts


ready to see what a well researched, data driven approach can do for you?