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How do you disrupt the event ticketing market and give the power back to the artists while rewarding fans? Co-founders Gavin Wong and Matt Liu built Sidechain to do just that by leveraging blockchain technologies that prove ownership and include a digital paper trail.

A gamified web3 platform and participant-owned marketplace focused on Solana NFT ticketing and real-life rewards, Sidechain’s mission is to reach and solve pain points for both music event organizers and fans beyond the capabilities of current vendors.

How do you pitch something as complex as Sidechain’s capabilities to investors? AGNT worked with their team by analyzing the existing deck, participating in the DAO, and even using the platform through IRL event attendance.

whatcha need?

Marketing Strategy

Strategy and design start with understanding the target audience, then optimizing to their goals.

Flexible Slide Templates

Pitch decks with easy-to-edit content? AGNT creates templates on any platform that are ready for whatever you throw at them.

Pitch Deck Overhaul

From elevator pitch to full presentation, AGNT ensures your vision stands out from the rest of the pack.

Messaging & Content

We analyze your brand, competition, and customers to give your product a consistent and memorable tone and voice.

what we did.

Undercover as customers

AGNT doesn’t just design and market products, we also become the customer to truly understand their journey. With Sidechain, our team dove into the product to get a better idea of what it looks like, how it works, and what customers get from it. We took those learnings, including our attendance at one of Sidechain’s in-person events, and brought them to the sales pitch.

Utilize the design system

Existing design language? No need to reinvent the wheel. We worked directly with the Sidechain team on the design and layout of their new pitch deck while utilizing existing color styles, components, and typography to create something perfectly on-brand.

A Pitch Deck that sells itself

Whether Gavin & Matt were presenting in-person or sending the it across the world via email, AGNT made sure the pitch deck told their story in a clear, approachable way. Our team even created a light and dark theme to choose from.

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