AGNT partnered with 10up to refresh and rewrite the marketing site for Chia, the more sustainable blockchain built on Proof of Space & Time.

Our expertise in the blockchain and web3 space proved valuable as AGNT helped position Chia according to their mission and technologies, helping them reach creators, developers, and partners.

Three different teams worked as one as we reorganized, designed, and built a new website for Chia. This launch was just the first phase in continued iterative work for the brand.


Content Strategy

Looking for copywriting, on-brand messaging, and a professional review of all your marketing copy? AGNT has you covered.

Information Architecture

A redesign starts with the framework before any visuals are started. We research, analyze, and rework the structure, user flows, and navigation structure first.

Website Design

A polished, professional design that conveys your company’s mission is always our goal, and AGNT aligns that message with your user’s needs.

Launch Plan

Our work doesn’t end with the delivery of design files. We work with project managers and engineering teams to ensure product launches go smoothly.

Content Strategy

Chia came to us in need of better messaging, copy, and a unified content plan in order to ensure their brand and technology were taken seriously in the blockchain space.

AGNT created a content inventory, provided competitive analysis, and worked with stakeholders on cleaning up the current copy to better align with Chia’s mission

We also worked directly with Chia’s design team on buttoning up their tone & voice, personality, and archetypes.

Information Architecture

How do we improve the marketing and developer documentation experiences with a content refresh? AGNT reviewed the existing website and recommended a more streamlined approach.

The included a navigation restructuring, new content user flows, and working with the engineering team on what the backend IA looked like.

All of this resulted in content organization that allowed visitors to find what they’re looking for and also prepare for future content.

Website Design

Uniting messaging with visuals that told the story of Chia’s mission, underlying technology, and roadmap of the future was no easy task. But AGNT was up for the challenge.

Working with Chia’s design team and leadership, AGNT took an iterative approach to reimagining the website and its content, starting with basic wireframes and working towards high resolution comps.

Within Figma, our designers created reusable variable components that allowed both teams to quickly build out new pages with universal content blocks.

Launch Plan

We worked closely with Chia’s leadership as well as 10up’s engineering team to initiate a rollout plan for new website content, design, and information architecture.

To ensure that process went smoothly, AGNT provided developers with design components and specs that clearly demonstrated how content blocks were to be built.

How’d it go?

Website Design

AGNT delivered just what Chia needed, set them on a path for success, and worked directly with their design team to transition all of the design work over to them for future endeavors.

Project Launch

Even with a tight timeline, AGNT and 10up worked together to launch the new Chia website just in time for a conference that stakeholders were attending. Design and engineering worked hand-in-hand to ensure any launch bugs were squashed.