web3? LFG!

AGNT is a strategic design studio pushing the boundaries of product & marketing in web3, NFTs, and beyond.

we’re not your traditional agency

We combine decades of experience, early adoption, and big picture strategy to ensure our clients get the best of both worlds.

web3 product design

Launching a new product or pivoting to web3? We can help polish your design and untangle the experience so customers keep coming back for more.

building community

Whether it’s online or in-person, we bring people together through social media, marketing campaigns, and (for better or worse) Discord too.

Crypto + UX

New technologies require a whole new level of engagement. We help brands bridge the gap between what customers know and where the world is headed.

Experiences that go beyond mobile apps and websites

AGNT creates engaging, unified experiences from IRL to SOL

We co-sponsored a web3 happy hour at sxsw

Along with one of our studio partners, we brought a real-life web3 networking event to Austin.

  • Coordinated with POAP to allow attendees to earn a free Proof-of-Attendance NFT
  • Free drinks, free swag, and great conversation

We’re bringing crypto wallets and NFTs to old-school businesses

Working with our partners at Venture Studio, we helped Northwestern Mutual, an established brand with a 160-year-old history, understand the future of finance and digital ownership in a fun, engaging way.

  • Ushering employees and leadership into the world of crypto currency
  • Education and introduction into NFTs
  • Layering UX on top of the crypto wallet experience

We’re helping DAOs build and fund their communities

Working with BlockbusterDAO gave us all the feels, and not the kind we got from late fees in the 90s. We helped them establish a brand, pitch investors and IP owners, and ultimately worked with them to transition to a new brand when the Blockbuster name was no longer on the table.

  • Participating in the direction of the community
  • Reinventing the brand and web presence
  • Elevating the pitch deck for potential investors

We help bridge the gap between web 2.0 and web3

The folks at Chia came to us for help with their marketing website, content strategy, and messaging. We worked with our friends at 10up to find a better way to tell the story of Proof of Time & Space, and we didn’t even need a DeLorean.

  • Researching the blockchain space to position Chia
  • Reworking the information architecture and navigation structure to help everyone find what they’re looking for
  • Aligning the design and content with the brand’s mission

We embedded a digital collectable into a bourbon barrel

How do you introduce Northern Kentucky to NFTs? Drop a bourbon barrel with an embedded IYK disc in Covington so passers-by can mint a free Proof of Attendance token.

  • Membership into the NKY Bourbon Barrel Walk program
  • Building a QR-code enabled landing page to educate participants on NFTs
  • Artwork, management, and publishing of a unique POAP that’s free to collect


We’re not just thinking about the evolution of marketing and product design, we’re shaping it. From DAOs to NFTs to rewarding in-person attendance, AGNT is helping brands create experiences that delight.

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